February 26, 2010

Does It Grow That Way?

When it comes to your food choices, a great question to ask is:

"Does it grow that way?"

If the answer is no, perhaps there is a better choice you can make.  I always say, the further away from its natural state, the further away it should be from your plate.  

A good rule of thumb is one step away.  Wheat is ground into whole wheat flour.  That's one step away and the flour still maintains all the fiber and nutrients of a whole grain.  Process it a second step and you get white flour which has very little of the fiber and nutrients of the original grain.  Just two steps takes us too far away from the natural food.

Another good tip is to buy foods without a label.  What foods come without labels?  Fresh vegetables and fruits!  Whole grains and legumes in the bulk section.

For extra credit, buy foods that are also organic, seasonal AND local.  For double extra credit, grow the food yourself!

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