March 2, 2010

Never Trust An Overweight Chef

Time for a new paradigm in cooking...

Never Trust An Overweight Chef

It doesn't take much time watching the Food Network to understand why 2/3 of America is overweight and sick from a rich Western diet high in fat, animal protein and processed foods.

Here is a quick sample of recipes featured this week on the Food Network:
Mini Skillet Meatloaves
Bacon Mac and Cheese
Bacon and Egg Soup
Sausage and Kraut
Frozen Banana Ice Cream Sandwiches (using a full pound of Nestle's tollhouse cookie dough)

These are the kinds of recipes used to teach America how to cook.  Somehow it became acceptable again to cook with as much fat and sugar and meat as possible.  Many of the chefs are overweight too  likely from eating all the rich food they cook.  This trend needs to change.

I will admit that I watch the Food Network on occasion for ideas and inspiration.  I can learn something from any person who cooks.  However, it is time for all chefs with or without a TV show to focus their teachings on plant-based foods, not meat and on taste, not fat.

It is time to be part of the solution...

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