July 7, 2010

The Best Pizza I Ever Tasted!

We called it "The Beetza."  This was going to be a "What's Cooking At Le Chateau Soleil," but it was just too good for a standard post.  Honestly, this was the best pizza I have ever tasted and everyone who was at this dinner agreed.  I am from Chicago and have eaten a lot of pizza in my life, both vegan and non-vegan.  I don't say it is the best pizza I have ever tasted unless it really is.

Did I mention there was no added fat?  Did I mention there was nothing with a high fat content at all?  Did I mention that the sauce was made from BEETS!?!?!?

It was a pizza cooked in my adobe oven with a beet balsamic sauce, toasted garlic, beet greens and fresh figs on a 100% whole wheat crust.

Eating doesn't get better than this.  Recipe will follow soon.


  1. Figlicious. This one, we most definately will try...

  2. Seriously good stuff here--I wonder if the fact that you made this in your uber cool outdoor cookery helped take it over the top? Like, I doubt I'd be able to do this one justice. But it looks amazing! Get that recipe out here soon, please!

  3. Sounds intriguing. Waiting for the recipe to post. (please)

  4. Here you go...