June 5, 2010

What's Cooking Today at Le Chateau Soleil?

My new adobe oven.  Hand-made by me almost completely from recycled and scavenged materials.  It took an entire year to gather the materials and a few weeks to construct.  You will see many posts to come where I use the adobe oven.

For those interested in building your own earthen oven, all the instructions you need are in Kiko Denzer's "How To Build An Earthen Oven."


  1. It is so cool that you made this oven. I can't wait to see some foods that you will make in it.

    Great blog too. You explain the fat effect really well and you are right.

  2. I built that oven, though without the very cool artwork, last summer. Kiko Denzer's plans work like a charm, and I think I could build a 2nd one in half the time just because my learning is so much better in 3d and hands on. May it bring you years of joy and great food.
    I am curious as to the squared off door. I found the round door pretty easy and the arch seems like a stronger form than the post & lintel. JosephTree