August 26, 2010

What's Cooking Today at Le Chateau Soleil?

Whole wheat bread with my signature "S" scoring for Le Chateau Soleil.

"S" scoring from a side view.

For those who aren't familiar, scoring is cuts or slashes made into bread dough before baking.  The scoring provides a weak spot in the dough that allows the dough to "spring" or rise in the oven when it bakes.  You may have noticed on your bread at home that it will occasionally tear in places, likely near the base of the loaf.  This is because when you do not provide a weak spot for the dough to expand, it chooses whatever spot it wants, whether it is pretty or not.  Some bakers just make an "x" in their dough.  Others can be very artistic.  

I will be playing a lot with artistic scoring in the coming months.  Should be fun!  

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